How Does BioProtect Protection Work?

The active ingredient in BioProtect polymerizes to all surfaces and is both colorless and odorless.

Think of BioProtect as a layer of electrically charged swords.  When a microorganism comes in contact with the treated surface, the quaternary amine sword punctures the cell membrane and the remnants are then electrocuted.

Since nothing is transferred to the now dead cell, the antimicrobial does not lose it’s strength and the sword is now ready for the next cell to contact it.  (NOTE: Normal cleaning of the treated surfaces is necessary in order for the BioProtect   antimicrobials to continue their effectiveness.  Dirt buildup,  paint, dead microbes, etc. will cover the treatment prohibiting it from killing microorganisms.)



IDA Construction specializes in all aspects of construction, focusing especially on building for infection control and safety. IDAC principals have more than 50 years combined construction experience.  Be it actual construction or managing projects, our goals are your goals.  We listen to to you and build for your needs today, all the while ensuring the facility will meet future needs as well.


Because we do specialty work, we have a deep bench of consultants who support our work.  We draw upon the expertise of, among others, medical professionals, microbiologists, veterinarians and academic folks to support our clients’ goals and objectives.


The network we have developed at IDAC allows us to reach into the water and air filtration industries. These relationships give us the unique ability to build and design with a laser focus on health and energy.


After the actual construction, we put in place programs to keep your home, office or facility clean and healthy.   Learning and understanding how to maintain your facility is every bit as important as the building process.  


We take the time to learn your industry, which allows us to build specific design items into projects to meet your needs.  In heavily-regulated industries, we often bring in a sensor system to measure particulate and gases in the air.  We build our systems into existing systems.  If you have an energy management system, we will build our air quality system into the existing system.  


From clean rooms to apartment rehabilitation, IDAC is experienced in construction and construction management.  Using our consultants, we make our clients aware of emerging technologies best suited for them, advising them how they best can use those technologies to support their specific needs. From mold to allergy / asthma-friendly apartments to sterile clean rooms, IDA Construction is your best choice when building to meet the challenges of the indoor microbiome.


IDA Construction has a long-term relationship with the Lynd Corporation.  IDA construction is the go-to company for Lynd, having renovated more than 6,000 apartments for the property management company  during the past 10 years.


IDA Construction not only builds structures but also builds relationships.  We join your team to get you to where you want to go.  IDA Construction is focused on health and design for the healthy indoor environment.